Deer on the Equinox

September 23, 2014

Dusk on the Autumnal equinox in Brampton. Light is fading fast and, as we wander home with the dogs, the barking calls of deer echo across the valley. Roe Deer have spread their territories either side of the river and every copse seems to have its resident deer. The calls come from a buck. Invisible somewhere near Keeper’s Wood at Oxnead, his calls chime regularly, a bell like rasping with a hint of dog-like alarm as he rounds up his harem. On the Town Field we can just make out the russet silhouette of another Roe Buck – he watches us carefully as we walk slowly past, before starting to graze once more. (I have a suspicion that he is responsible for the delicately nibbled sweet corn on the allotment). We arrive home with a distinct sense of the arrival of Autumn.


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