Cuckoo arrives then silence ensues for a few days. It seems to happen every year. We patiently wait for the first announcement of arrival within the village. This year it was Sue’s turn; a lunchtime stint in the allotment on 21st April was rewarded with the first calls of the newly arrived Cuckoo. Then all goes quiet, whilst we wonder if “our” Cuckoo was just passing through. Then the calls start again as the Brampton Cuckoo calls her way from Burgh, along the river Oxnead and back again. The same trees are favoured as the are very year – the Ash on the grazing meadows, the Poplars near Oxnead Bridge and the old Oak on the Brampton hill. Sumer is icumen in.

Brampton arrival

April 14, 2014

The low swooping flight of a small bird alongside the River Mermaid was enough. The first Swallow had arrived on the Long Meadow near Hall Farm. It was Sunday morning just before eight o’clock and the bird which had ridden the light south westerly breeze and Spring weather. It perched on the wire as if catching its breath. Possibly it’s winter home had been the South African Veldt – so it deserved a rest. If one Swallow does not mean Summer, it does emphasise the approach of mid Spring and the increasing supply of the insect food source. I now look for more.