Brampton Cuckoo

April 27, 2013

At last a Cuckoo has arrived in Brampton. It is the morning of the 27th April, during a fine morning interrupted by early showers, it’s call drifts over the long meadow. The Bure is mirror-like. The Hawthorns are a fresh emergent green, the blackthorns in flower. Oak leaves are emerging and the grass is, at last, showing some good growth. The Cuckoo perches at the top of an a Hawthorn, with wings drooped down and head jutting it projects a call which changes subtly depending upon the distance of the listener. We first hear the whoop-woo of just a quarter of a mile


2 Responses to “Brampton Cuckoo”

  1. For 20 years I have heard a cuckoo in early May (East Norfolk/Suffolk border). Alas not this year.

    • notopaulum Says:

      Numbers are definitely down. We are lucky that the Brampton pair continue to call (although the Warblers that are incubating their eggs might not agree!).

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