On the patient waiting for butterflies in a year of dearth. The Buddlejas of the village hold out some reason for hope.

August 14, 2012

Mid August and the village street is filled with the über-sweet scent of Buddleja bushes. Several large bushes have established themselves at key points along the village street. A particularly large specimen has taken up a prime spot on the edge of then allotments, another – it’s racemes a rich pink – marks the junction with Back Lane, others are sprinkled liberally in gardens along the way. Brampton people favour Buddlejas.

The reason for this is of course, the plant’s ability to attract butterflies. Until this recently this has not been a good butterfly year, the weather has been against them, particularly earlier on. So, I am keenly looking to see whether there will be a late summer flush of butterflies. The wait has not been all in vain; the last two weeks has seen quite a few Commas on the wing – rich patterned brown with their filigree cut hind- wing, Red Admirals have been relatively abundant, but as yet no Painted Ladies. Cabbage Whites are causing anxiety on the allotment. Gatekeepers we’ve their way along the hedgerows. There have been few if any Tortoiseshells, so far.

There is still time. Hence the Buddleja watching. We wait.

3 Responses to “On the patient waiting for butterflies in a year of dearth. The Buddlejas of the village hold out some reason for hope.”

  1. Do you usually get a lot of butterflies on your buddleia? I am in France and I find mine disappointing. I do get them but nothing like the volumes on the Hemp Agrimony and the mint that is flowering just now.

    • notopaulum Says:

      Our Buddlejas are really the only significant butterfly at plant at the moment. Various others do their bit, but they don’t seem to act as such an attraction for any numbers. This morning (Saturday) for example, with temperatures in the high 20’s, one large bush was carrying a fantastic crop of Commas, Red Admirals, some newly minted Peacocks and a single Painted Lady. Not bad for 9.30 a.m. But we really are not in the same league as France when it comes to numbers and variety. #notreallyjealousorMaybejustabit.

      • That is really interesting. I see all those butterflies around (except the Painted Lady) but not on my Buddleias. It is nice to compare as the plants around here are not that different from Southern UK.

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