July Deer

July 15, 2012

It is mid-July, the Roe Deer appear to have completed their shenanigans. Their barking calls, which recorded the rivalry and pursuit of the females by territorial bucks, reached a peak of during the late evenings of the past week. They could be heard from the village – the sound echoing over the valley from their woodland arena. But now, the buck can be seen in the open, he is escorting one doe and they have separated from any competition. The two deer watch me part nervously, part disdainfully from the hafllinger field. They keep their distance and carefully increase it if I approach too closely. The buck’s summer coat shows him to be in peak fitness and condition. This year there is no sign of the scars of battle which he carried on his left flank last season. I manage to capture a poor photographic image as he meets my gaze.



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