The barking came from inside Keeper’s Wood. My first thought was that someone’s dog was running amok

June 28, 2012

I soon realised that it had the regularity and pattern of a Roe Deer. There was a clear ebb and flow in the calls. This is characteristic of a Buck in pursuit of a Doe – last year I watched a similar game of catch which was being played out in the open grassland, leaving what would otherwise be an unexplained circular trail. This time and this evening the game was on inside the wood. The chase continued for ten minutes or so before it ended and background birdsong was all that played on.

Roe Does are not given much time off, no sooner has one year’s progeny been produced when the creation of next year’s has begun. Roe have a long pregnancy, a delayed implantation extends the length of the gestation period, with birth being delayed until the following May.


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