Spring morning

May 2, 2012

There are mornings when the wildlife in the village seems to be much more active than others. Tuesday was a case in point. Songbirds were in full throated song as I walked along the railway line. Further away a Green Woodpecker predicted rain, a pair of Oystercatchers repeatedly called during their courtship flight, a noisy pair of Canada Geese did the same – but even more loudly. At the Buxton Bridge the resident pair of Stock Doves made Grey seem less like a drab colour with their breeding apparel highlighted by patches metallic green. A few paces on and a male Barn Owl floated up from a fence post clutching a catch and flew off nest-wards by its usual circuitous route. As I turned round I watched a Roe Doe contentedly browsing on fresh hawthorn leaves along the edge of Keeper’s Wood. All within a period of 15 minutes and no more than a quarter of a mile. The change in the weather must be the root cause.


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